An economic role for which a person is paid

A copierAfter four months of unemployed bliss and non-stop coding, gaming, and loving on my fiancée, I am once again employed at a retail printed document reproduction center. That is, I’m working at a copy shop… again. However, it is at a different national office supply store chain1.

This time, however, I’m not working at the regional hub. No more 50,000 click2 jobs with binding and collating due in a week for me. I get to send that crap3to the hub! <insert evil maniacal laugh here>

For those of you playing at home, the title of today’s entry is the Wiktionary’s definition of the word “job.”

  1. I am being intentionally vague to protect myself and my employer from any litigation that may result from my ramblings posted on The Cricket Log. []
  2. A click is industry terminology for a printed side of a page. []
  3. Well paying crap, but crap nonetheless. []

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  1. BEAN Says:

    PUT UP WoW Screen shots!!! They is purty! :-)