An insect that makes a chirping sound by rubbing its wing casings against combs on its hind legs.

Who’s Parking?


A car parked directly in front of a "No Parking: Fire Lane" sign.

British Nazi Communist Terrorists


I was highly amused by this IM waiting for me after I arrived home from work:

Jeffrey: ive done some fact-checking
Keith <AUTO-REPLY>: It appears that I have not touched my computer in some time. Blame the British Nazis communists terrorists!
Jeffrey: and there are very few british nazi communist terrorists
Jeffrey: now that i see your away message in the chat window i see that many of those words are marked out, rendering my joke flat
Jeffrey: but when i moused-over you i didnt see the strike marks
Jeffrey: carry on

POTD: Corn!


This cartridge once dispensed corn, apparently.


Cricket Moods 7.0 (Just Kidding)


(Having been written on April first, this is, of course, a joke. I was hoping for something more than one weird pingback. No one loves me… Well, okay, Mr. Biech loves me.)

I have just released Cricket Moods version seven point oh! I think you’ll enjoy the changes I’ve made in this version:

  • The main portion of the plugin is now developed in Visual Basic .NET.
  • Smilies are now required to be flash animations, allowing for a greater degree of flexibility and “wow! factor.”
  • Interfaces with a database of moods contributed by thousands of users across the globe.
  • Smilies can now be uploaded directly from your browser (requires Internet Explorer 7 and installation of ad-supported browser toolbar; Firefox, Safari, Opera support soon!).

In order to maintain a higher quality product, Cricket Moods is now a closed-source commercially supported plugin. A license key is now required in order to use the plugin. Personal licenses can be purchased for as low as five US Dollars. Thanks for your support!

POTD: Totally Elite


This vehicle parked next to us at a Sheetz gas station. The engine was left running, the rap music was left playing loudly, the body was rather dented and worn, the license plate was a thirty-day tag, and the word “ELITE” was drawn on the driver’s window. Elite, indeed.

Totally Elite

Hummina, hummina, hummina!