Cricket Moods 3.5

Cricket Moods 3.5 is an update to fix a rather serious issue when used with WordPress 2.1.x (it may also affect WordPress 2.0.x, not sure). Submission of a comment to a post will cause that post’s moods to disappear. This was caused by changes in the WordPress codebase that I did not anticipate. The full changelog:

  • Removed redundant cm_update_post_moods action hook (this may make it incompatible with WP < 2.1.2).
  • Added sanity check to make sure that moods were supposed to be POSTed before trying to act on those moods (thanks Jana! <jana AT janasjibberish DOT c o m>).
  • Sanitized the output of the Image Directory on the options panel.

I haven’t had a chance to thoroughly test with WordPress 2.0.x, so those users should tread lightly. I’d appreciate it if anyone could test that for me.

4 Responses to “Cricket Moods 3.5”

  1. sproke Says:

    I accidentally left of the leading ‘/’ before writing the pathname for the plugin to follow to get to my moodthemes. My page now comes up with an error, and I cannot fix it: I’ve tried going to my database, but I cannot find where the data is stored. Help please!! I really want this to work!!

    Also, would be really good to be able to have interchangerble moodthemes aka livejournal.

    Thanks for the plugin

  2. sproke Says:

    I just found the answer to my problem… I did a search through my database for ‘mood’ and got everything related to cricket-moods. I then just deleted the options and the bit relating to the directory. Hopefully this helps. Am about to reinstall now…

    My suggestion: Put the restore factory settings at the top of the page, so if the page breaks, it’s all good.

  3. Iskwew Says:

    Hi, and thanks for a fun plugin.

    Is there a way to make the text “Current mood:” turn bold or italic or something in the posts? I have tried, but unsuccessfully so far. It would be nice for it to appear different than the actual text in the post.

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Sproke Says:

    I’ve found bug in 3.5. (using WP 2.2) If you edit a page that already has a mood set on it, and you click ‘save’ crickets saves multiple instances of the mood… e.g. the first time you save, it might say “[img] Accomplished”. The second time you save it says “[img] Accomplished & [img] Accomplished” and so on with every save. It makes it difficult with editing. This happens even if you just ‘save and continue editing’. I’ve tried going back and unticking and then saving again, but this doesn’t work either. HELP please… it really does look rather untidy :0).
    (here’s a link e.g. on my site: – yes I’ve used lots of moods anyway in this particular post, but that doesn’t matter. I saved this post 2 times, and it posted the moods twice.