Cricket Moods 3.7

Cricket Moods 3.7 is officially tagged.  It has been 13 months since the previous release.  That’s quite a development cycle, there.

This release primarily fixes compatibility with WordPress 2.6.  It includes some really old changes for WPMU compatibility that I can’t guarantee still work.  The bottom line: if you want to use Cricket Moods with WordPress 2.6, get this new version.

14 Responses to “Cricket Moods 3.7”

  1. Sproke :0) Says:

    I have love love loved your plugin for many moons now!! Thank you so much for it!
    I am wondering if you or one of your other lovely plugin users could tell me how I could fix the display of the moods in WordPress 2.6+ as they seem to be piling up underneath the writing area, instead of displayed nicely down the side of the writing area. I know I’ve seen a fix somewhere but cannot for the life of me find it again.

    Thanks very much
    sproke :0)

  2. Keith Constable Says:

    I haven’t investigated really, since WP 2.7 is right around the corner. Two point seven includes another major admin overhaul. It was my understanding, however, that the side bar was off limits to plugins in 2.6. If you know of a plugin that uses the side bar, let me know, and I’ll take a look.

  3. Keith Constable Says:

    Okay. I spoke too soon. There is a hook to add things to the sidebar. I’m probably abusing it by doing this, but I’ve tweaked Cricket Moods to move them to the sidebar. Sproke, give it a whirl and see if it works well with larger mood images like yours.

  4. toba Says:

    so it will work on two mode now? inside the post and on the side bar?

  5. toba Says:

    If it so, it will be SOOOOO NIIIIICEEEEE :D

  6. toba Says:

    Btw, I got this warning after applying the tweak version:
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/nyenius/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cricket-moods/cricket-moods.php:1) in /home/nyenius/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-forum/cookie.php on line 21

  7. Sproke :0) Says:

    Oooh, it looks wonderfully pretty again after I upgraded! Well done! Am going to do a post now and see what happens!…. …. all went well – all is working as it should. Thank you for fixing your plugin for prettyness!

  8. bubazoo Says:

    mines not displaying right, the image tags are showing the wrong path
    for instance, instead of displaying

    img src = “”

    its displaying

    img src = “”

    so its displaying the path to the blog twice in the image tag.
    thats gotta be a plugin problem because the path to my moods directory in the admin panel is set right, the moods are showing fine in there.

  9. bubazoo Says:

    yeah I see the problem.

    on line 96 your using
    $output .= ‘ ‘;

    thats why its repeating that directory twice, because on my end my siteURL is the full path to my blog.
    which is set to in my case, and then the image directory is set to “/blog/wp-content/moods” so thats why its appearing twice. I could just remove get_option(‘siteurl’) and that would fix the problem I’m having.

  10. bubazoo Says:

    yeap, thats what i did, just removed get_option(‘siteurl’) from the code, and its working great now :)
    whew! lol

  11. Christopher Says:

    Great work – thank you.

    I had the same issue as bubazoo: though I changed the ‘siteurl’ on line 96 to ‘home’ – and it works a treat.

  12. Christy Says:

    Where is the select statement to get the moods located? For some reason it is not ordering correctly in the Write post page… I have 5 options.. and right now its printing options in the order of 2,3,4,1,5.

    Not a major headache but I do like things ordeally.

    BTW, i took cricket moods and made it a panic/stress meter for upcoming nuptials based on US Terroriest Threat levels (green, blue,yellow,orange and red).

  13. Keith Constable Says:

    It’s actually sorted alphabetically (see strnatcasecmp()) before being stored in the database as a serialized array.

    The best way to change it so it keeps the sorting you defined is on lines 635 and 866. Change uasort($mood_list, 'cm_mood_sort'); to ksort($mood_list);. You’ll have to make a change, any change, to the mood list and save it to force it to update the array in the database before you’ll notice any difference.

  14. Christy Says:

    Worked perfectly. Thanks for the info…