Cricket Moods 7.0 (Just Kidding)

(Having been written on April first, this is, of course, a joke. I was hoping for something more than one weird pingback. No one loves me… Well, okay, Mr. Biech loves me.)

I have just released Cricket Moods version seven point oh! I think you’ll enjoy the changes I’ve made in this version:

  • The main portion of the plugin is now developed in Visual Basic .NET.
  • Smilies are now required to be flash animations, allowing for a greater degree of flexibility and “wow! factor.”
  • Interfaces with a database of moods contributed by thousands of users across the globe.
  • Smilies can now be uploaded directly from your browser (requires Internet Explorer 7 and installation of ad-supported browser toolbar; Firefox, Safari, Opera support soon!).

In order to maintain a higher quality product, Cricket Moods is now a closed-source commercially supported plugin. A license key is now required in order to use the plugin. Personal licenses can be purchased for as low as five US Dollars. Thanks for your support!

3 Responses to “Cricket Moods 7.0 (Just Kidding)”

  1. Cricket Moods 7.0 Says:

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  2. Michael Biech Says:

    “No one loves me” – Prolly not true…

    I thought about commenting, but I thought it would be funnier with no response (somehow?)… But now, here you go:

    “Z0mFG!!! 7.0… Flash… HaXx0r! Yuo S3riu0s?!!!!11?” Well, okay, nice entry ;). Took me a second before I realised it ;P. Plus: You were the one who made me think of April 1st, which is a good thing, since I wrote an entry on my own blog about me winning in the lottery, someone belevied it – it was great fun.

    So, you made me have quite some good laughs :).

    Feeling better now?

  3. Ash Says:

    There’s an annoying bug with this plug-in, everytime i want to edit a post it keeps adding a mood regardless of whether that mood was submitted already.

    so by the end of editing i could have 5 smiles of the same mood! =(