Cricket Moods and 2.6

About a month ago Alex King discovered an “undocumented feature”1 in WordPress 2.6 that affects plugins like Cricket Moods.  The bug causes post metadata to be duplicated due to the addition of post revisions.  Basically, with every new revision you’ll get a duplicate set of moods.

I have hopefully fixed the issue in the 3.x branch of Cricket Moods.  I haven’t tagged a new 3.7 release of Cricket Moods because, frankly, I don’t know if these changes break anything.  I tested the changes on one Blog running WordPress 2.6.  So, before I tag and zip up a release, it’d be great if some folk2 could test the new plugin.  Grab the file from the Subversion repository.

To fix any old duplicated moods, remove all moods from the affected post, save the post, add the moods again, and save the post.

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  2. guinea pigs []

5 Responses to “Cricket Moods and 2.6”

  1. toba Says:

    I’ve tried it couple of times on some of my post that experiencing the bug, and it works! :D thanks for this nice plugin you’ve made :D

  2. bubazoo Says:

    I tried the new file, and it took away all my mood icons on every post :(

  3. bubazoo Says:

    no in fact on my end, the problem is worse now. it caused every post to repeat :( even posts from years back

  4. bubazoo Says:

    well I put the 3.6 version back on for now, but basically the 3.7 version doesn’t show any of my mood icons. intead it shows each mood listed twice. it only affects it when we edit a post, so its fine for now

  5. Keith Constable Says:

    3.7.1 is up on I don’t know if it’ll fix your problem or not. It works fine at Doodle N’ Design.