I’ll Spank You… I Will!

The Scream“Billy Jean, I’m going to count to ten… no twelve. If you’re not sitting down by then… One… Two… Three… Four… Billy Jean, sweetie, sit down please.” Meanwhile, the child in question is running around screaming “No!” repeatedly at what sounds to be the full force of her lungs.

The preceding re-enactment occurred today in the copy center at which I work and is reproduced here nearly verbatim. Why the mother decides to give her child ten seconds to comply—never mind twelve seconds—boggles my brain. I never received a grace period of more than three seconds from my mother. I generally never misbehaved past one and a half seconds when facing a ruler or fly-swatter poised to strike on the count of “three.” I behaved because I knew that she would follow through with her threat, be it a stinging whack from an implement or a simple privilege reduction. I knew she would do it, because she had never backed down before.

I assume little Billy Jean never listens to her mother because her mother very rarely, if ever, follows through.

2 Responses to “I’ll Spank You… I Will!”

  1. bratsiam Says:

    I found this one very entertaining. I am glad some lessons that are taught can be learned. Billy Jean’s mother needs to call the “Nanny” before that little girl stomps her to the ground and Billy Jean will follow through.

  2. Joi Rogers Says:

    Wondering if this is the illegitamate daughter of the Billy Jean Michael Jackson was talking about in his song. If so – I understand your sentiments exactly.

    Great story.

    j O i*