People With Money

I often think that the people that live in the area I work in have too much money for their own good. I work at the print center of a certain prominent office supplies store in a quickly expanding and increasingly upper-scale “town.” I don’t just mean the town’s population is growing. The town is enveloping and annexing the surrounding countryside at an astounding rate. Interestingly, the most popular grocery store there also happens to be the most expensive grocery store in the region.

Today, a forty-something year old woman visited the print center to pick up an order she left with us. I retrieved the order for her and rang the total up on the register. It came to somewhere around $46. She swiped her credit card and accepted the charges. Her card was declined—no reason was given. That happens sometimes. A second swipe of the card is generally all that’s necessary to complete the transaction. When I aksed her to try the credit card again, a look of horror came to her face. She asked me if she really had to do it again. I’m thinking, “Well, you’re sure as hell not leaving with that stack of printed paper without giving me some moolah…” She proceeds to relate to me a disjointed story about being charged twice by my employer because she once had to swipe her card twice. After a bit of reassurance she gives in and swipes again. What she said next has me rather disgusted. She never confronted the company about the doubled charge and was out twenty-three dollars. Apparently, she never found the time to get it fixed.

Twenty-three bucks could keep me driving or fed for at least a week. If I’d ever lost that much money due to a 3rd party error, I would have made time to get it fixed.

I’m not upset that this woman obviously has much more disposable income than me. Good for her. I’m sure she (or at least her husband) worked hard for that money. I simply can not get behind being that irresponsible with your money.

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  1. BEAN :-) Says:

    Yay! Bug ranting! That I understand! Let’s hear it for the working man! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Hehe. Love you Bug.