Stalling and sputtering

The development of PostBits has stalled.  I apologize to anyone still holding their breath in anticipation.  I recommend exhaling.

As I mentioned in my previous post on the subject, the core functionality of the plugin is finished.  That’s all well and good if you like to hammer on your database by hand to get things done, but not so good for most people.

The Problem

The truth is, I’m bad at UI design.  Show me a mockup of what you want, and I’ll whip out the code to make it work.  Unfortunately, when it comes to designing it myself, I freeze up.

Also, I want to AJAX-ify the UI to some degree.  For example, I’d like the mood postbit creation process to be more elegant than Cricket Mood’s current two-text-box approach.  I’m thinking something drag-and-drop powered.  For some reason, I find the documentation for jQuery and very confusing, so I’ve never learned how to use them.

The Bottom Line

I’m not mentioning all this to defend myself or to garner sympathy from readers.  I’m mentioning it because I have identified these two areas (UI and JavaScript) as things I need help with.  I need some creative folk to work with me to finish this plugin.

The Solution

In an effort to accelerate the development of PostBits, I have registered it as a Google Code project.  I urge any interested parties to take a look at the code and contact me if they’d like to help.

As a final note, I should mention that, in its current state, the plugin should not be installed on a live blog.

2 Responses to “Stalling and sputtering”

  1. industria Says:


    I have no idea if I have the skills necessary to help you finish this plugin, but I’m a little curious. Do you need help with the actual code or just with the design and looks of the UI? I’m not confident in my skills, but I’m totally willing to try and help you. If there’s anything I can contribute I’ll definitely get a hold of you, as this is a plugin I feel is a great idea~~


  2. Keith Constable Says:

    I’ve had a burst of creativity in the last week. PostBits is actually shaping up nicely. I’ve formulated some ideas for the UI. Once I get it functional, I’ll ask some folks to take a look at it and give me some feedback. What I’m working up currently isn’t much different than Cricket Moods. The big deviation is with how you choose a mood bit image. Instead of typing the image name in, you will click on the image/image name and an AJAXish dialog will appear and present you with the images in a grid. Clicking on an image will select that image for that mood bit.