Super Translation

A stack of books containing a German, a Spanish, and an Italian dictionary.I have recently updated Cricket Moods to allow the plugin to be translated into other languages. I would be absolutely ecstatic if anyone wanted to attempt such a translation.

If you’re not sure where to start, the WordPress Codex has a decent article on the process. The translation template (POT) file for Cricket Moods can be found in the subversion repository.

I won’t officially release the new localizable version of Cricket Moods until I have at least one complete translation, since it would be pointless to otherwise. It is, however, available on the subversion trunk if you’d like to have it.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

6 Responses to “Super Translation”

  1. Michael Biech Says:

    You’ve got mail: A german translation by me :).

  2. tikurions Blog » Cordon Bleu, 3000 Visits und der Mond… Says:

    [...] vielleicht, dass ich auf diesen Artikel des Programmierers des oben genannten Plugins (Cricket Moods) eingegangen bin und ihm eine [...]

  3. BEANY!!! Says:

    MORE PICS!! MORE ME!!!! You haven’t even said anything about us being engaged!!! SNIFFLES!!! :P

  4. Cristobal Says:

    Hi! Thank you for a very good plugin. I have a problem. I installed it, everything was fine. I changed a default wp’smiles directory to another one. New smiles appeared in the left column. But after a time I found that there is no more part with smiles in Options and Manage menu. I have the Cricket Moods Option window with:

    Mood image directory: /smiles/moods=/
    [printed "/smiles/moods" and plugin added "=/" to the string after saving options)]

    Automatically print moods: Off

    Default Moods
    Use the table below to modify the default list of moods for new users. You may leave either the name or the image blank, but not both. Use the blank entries at the bottom to add new moods.

    That’s all… No more column with smiles and no more table with titles (moods) and paths to them. And no more buttons at the bottom – “Restore to default settings” etc.

    So the main question is how can I restore dafault settings? I didn’t find any mysql records concerning Cricket Mood. Disabling and enabling plugin didn’t help – I have the same settings as it was written above.

    Thanks a lot! Waiting for your reply.


  5. Cristobal Says:

    I found the solution myself. As I changed directory name to “moods=” I saw missing data and options. :)

    So the trouble was because of the wrong (non-existent) path. But in this case user can’t reset settings to default. So maybe it will be nice to have “Reset” feature at the top. :)


  6. Alexandre Says:

    I’ve translated your nifty little plugin to Portuguese, but I cannot figure out where to put the .MO file to make it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.